River Talk

Douglas Ward Cruise BerlitzINSIGHT GUIDES: RIVER CRUISING IN EUROPE AND THE USA (note: the first three editions were published as Berlitz books)  was published in November 2021.

The enlarged 340-page book includes the steamboats (and replica steamboats) plying the USA’s major rivers. A labour of love, it is intended to help you to decide which river ship and river cruise company to book, and provides comparative information unavailable elsewhere.


River Cruising Update (July 2023)

Unlike last year, the water levels on Europe’s rivers have been good. The demand for river cruising is growing and it is good to note that the summer season is set to be very successful.

River Cruising Update (August 2022)

The summer has seen a successful return of river cruises on Europe’s rivers, but the low water levels on the Danube and Rhine rivers have caused problems for some operators. Also, since the demise of  Crystal River Cruises during the pandemic, a buyer for  the company’s four new river vessels (Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Mahler, and the older Crystal Mozart, has yet to be found.

River Cruising Update (December 2021)

As the effects of the global pandemic reverberated throughout the world, its effect on river cruising have also been felt. However, as we look forward to better times in 2022, it is hoped that river cruising will be able to offer outstanding itineraries and personal experiences.

River Cruising  

2021 proved to be a “Year of Transition” for river cruising, which continued to adapt to the latest rules and regulations.

In light of the ever-changing rules of travel as it applies to rivercruising, Douglas Ward recommends that you:

  • Take good-quality hand cream or moisturiser, because your hands will suffer from dry skin after constant hand washing
  • Take double the amount of any medication you would normally need for your cruise
  • Take chewing gum or boiled sweets with you so that you always have something in reserve in case you run out of water
  • Have a set of personal exercises ready and in case you need to self-isolate in your cabin
  • Take a good book or two that you can read anywhere in case of any travel disruption