River Cruising

Douglas Ward Cruise BerlitzHow do you tell the difference between the good and not so good riverships? Douglas Ward does it for you – testing the facilities, cuisine, service, quality and other aspects of the cruise experience. It’s all in the 340-page INSIGHT GUIDES: RIVER CRUISING IN EUROPE AND THE USA, published November 2021.

The book outlines the river cruise companies and explains their differences. Buy from your local bookseller, or online from www.amazon.com. It is also available to download as an e-book from many providers. If you buy the print book, the e-book version is free from www.insightguides.com/walkingeye.

About River Cruising

A river cruise provides an antidote to the pressures of life in a fast-paced world. It’s the right choice for anyone seeking smooth sailing, and for experiencing the heartland of Europe and the USA. River cruises feature good food, unstuffy surroundings and enjoyable company. With a maximum of around 200 passengers, riverships provide a harmonious blend of public and private space.