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I took a 7-day cruise aboard MSC Grandiosa in late September, 2020 after full COVID-19 testing. For more, click on the Ocean Talk tab.


Thinking about your next cruise?  Be prepared – read the Berlitz Cruise Guidebooks first!

Read the company and ship information in this book and you’ll be better informed when booking your next cruise. Available in print and e-book versions.
The books have no sponsorship or advertising, are not connected with any cruise line, concession, cruise supplier,  or travel agency. They are totally independent and trusted world-wide.



Author: Douglas Ward, 760 pages (print or e-book).


Author: Douglas Ward. 320 pages, published June 2018 (print and e-book). 

The books make excellent presents. 

ALSO AVAILABLE: A Chinese language abridged e-book edition.

AWARD: BERLITZ CRUISING AND CRUISE SHIPS 2018 edition was the  joint winner of the “Guide of the Year” category of the UK’s prestigious Travel Media Awards which took place at a special awards ceremony in London in October 2018.

Over 70  cruise companies provide ocean-going cruise vacations to around 30 million ocean-going passengers annually (plus approximately one million river cruise passengers with more than 30 river cruise operators). It is important that you choose the right ship, for the right reasons.

The evaluations and ratings were created in 1985 to be totally objective by the author, and became the accepted standard by the cruise industry for product delivery.

Douglas Ward: “I have been in the cruise industry since 1965, and testing cruise ships and riverships professionally for more than 35 years. It’s a serious business.”

Douglas Ward is considered the world’s foremost independent authority on cruising and cruise ships. He continually strives to promote high standards within the industry. With over 6,400 days at sea on more than 1,100 cruises (including 159 transatlantic crossings) under his belt, he is a man of, in, on, and about cruise ships and the cruise industry.

Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2020 and Berlitz River Cruising in Europe and the USA are available from:, or your favourite bookstore or online retailer.

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